Tour Packages for Naran Kaghan,Hunza, Gilgit , Sawat , Murree.

Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages 2018


Pakistan Tour and travel industry is growing day by day. Pakistan is a wonderful destination for international tours as well as it has a great potential in domestic tourism. If you travel across the country to explore the secrets of nature you ‘ll be amazed. Pakistan trips and tours invites you to come with us and let us show you this fabulous country where men and the mountains meet. Starting from the beautiful destination of Murree to the breathtaking views  of Hunza valley ,or if you plan a Tour to Kashmir Valley or travel somewhere like Naran and swat. We at Pakistan Travel and Tours can help you to have a memorable journey, we provide the best Travel and Tour services to make your trip memorable. Pakistan Trips and tours takes every possible care to make your trip comfortable and hassle free.

We enjoy volume discounts on Transport and Hotels, which will cut your cost and make it more effective. You can choose any of our tours given above or call us for a customized tour which suits your time, interest and budget.

 MURREE TOUR PACKAGES for couples and families

Murree Tour Package 5 Days / 4 Nights | Nathiagali Thandiani Bhurbhan Kohala Bridge AJK

Murree Tour 3 Days / 2 Nights | Tour to Nathia Gali | Ayubia | Dunga Gali

Murree Tour Package 2 Days / 1 Night Tour | Nathiagali | Ayubia | Dunga Gali

Murree Tour 3 Days / 2 Nights Tour | Nathia Gali | Ayubia | Dunga Gali

Murree Tour Package 2 Days / 1 Night | Tour to Ayubia| Nathiagali | Dunga Gali

Nathia Gali Tour 1 Day Package 

Murree Patriata Tour Package


Tour To Swat Kalam 5 Days | Malam Jabba, Mingora, Miadam , Madyan , Behrain , Mohndand Lake , Ushu Forest Trip (5 Days / 4 Nights)

Swat Tour 4 Days | Malam Jabba , Miadam & Behrain Tour 4 Days / 3 Nights

Tour To Swat & Malam Jabba (3 Days / 2 Nights)

Kashmir & Neelum Valley Tour Packages

Naran Kaghan Neelam Valley Tour

Neelum Valley Tour AJK 7 Days | Banjosa | Toli Peer | Keran | Kutton | Sharda | Pir Chinasi | Muzaffarabad

Neelam Valley Tour 5 Days Tour to Kashmir (5 Days / 4 Nights)

Neelum Valley Tour to Kashmir (3 Days / 2 Nights)

Kashmir Muzaffarabad Tour to Neelam Valley Keran Kuttan, Sharda 4 Days / 3 Nights Tour

Muzaffarabad Tour Neelam Valley Kashmir 3 Days (3 Days / 2 Nights)

Tour To Muzaffrabad & Pir Chinasi, Kashmir Tour 2 Days / 1 Night

Tour To Toli Pir & Banjosa Lake Tour to Kashmir 2 Days / 1 Night 

Tour To Toli Pir & Banjosa Lake Kashmir Tour 1 Day

Tour To Banjosa Lake Kashmir 1 Day

Pir Chinasi AJK Tour (1 Day)

Tour To Kohala Bridge Kashmir 1 Day

Naran , Kaghan & Shogran Tour Packages

Tour To Naran Valley 2 Day / 1 Night

Tour To Shogran Valley 2 Day / 1 Night

Tour To Naran & Shogran Valley Tour 3 Day / 2 Night

Gilgat, Hunza Honeymoon Tour Packages

Gilgit & Hunza Honeymoon Tour 7 Days / 6 Nights

Hunza & Skardu Honeymoon Tour 10 Days / 9 Nights

Tour To Gilgit , Hunza & Skardu 12 Days / 11 Nights 

We at Pakistan Trip and Tours(Facebook) providing you the best Tour packages to travel across Pakistan. Northern areas of Pakistan are worth seeing. Plan a Tour to Gilgat, Hunza with your family, or a Tour to Naran, Kaghan with your with friends, We ‘ll be there to help you out.




If you are planning a Holiday tour with Pakistan Trips and Tours you should know what Tour Services we are going to provide you. Mostly in a Tour package variety of tour services are joined together to make it easy for the consumer as well your tour planner.

Commonly our Family Tours packages include:

Tour Guide

  • If you ask about the transport for the honeymoon tour or Family TourPakistan Trips and Tours contains a large fleet of Cars affiliate with it. We have a wide variety of Luxury and Economy cars with capacities ranging from 2 people to 50 people. Moreover our fleet includes cars which are specialized to be used in northern areas of Pakistan such as Jeeps and Rovers.
  • Secondly if you go for the accommodation for your Tour PackagePakistan Trips and Tours has a large number of Luxury , Deluxe and Economy Hotels on its panel. We strive to offer best hotel services to our clients all over Pakistan. Moreover the hotels on our Panel have neat and clean environment in accordance to international standards.
  • Meals are included in case if agreed upon before. Otherwise we can provide you the list of best places to eat at your selected Tour Destination.
  • We can provide you a Tour Guide at your selected Tour Destination, who will guide you to every single place you really need to visit during your Holiday Tour or a Honeymoon Tour. He ‘ll help you to understand the history and culture of the local people, Hunza valley has a lot of historical places which are worth seeing during your Tour to Gilgit Baltistan.

In Addition to this Pakistan Trips and Tours Offers best Pre-Tour , During Tour and Post Tours Customer Support. We have dedicate drivers and Tour-Guide services PLUS we are always here at the back end to solve problems relevant to Hotel , Car , Management and any other problem regarding your Tour Package.


This land is a land of Beauty, which is diverse in its nature. We can enjoy the Heights of Mountain Ranges, Lush Green Forests, Beautiful Lakes and Rivers, sea sides and valleys from Kashmir to Hunza Valley and Skardu. We at Pakistan Trips and Tours trying our best to promote the Tourism in Pakistan, and trying to emerge the positive image of Pakistan in the world.

Northern areas of Pakistan are worth seeing. A common interest for the Tourists from Pakistan as well as international tourists. If we categorize the attractions for Tours to Northern Areas, we end up with a list like this

  • Cool weather of Northern Tour destinations like Hunza valley, Naran, Kaghan and Swat attract the tourists from other Parts of Pakistan during summers. Because in winters, Tours to Hunza valley and Naran Valley Tours are a bit difficult, as the areas got blocked due to the heavy snow fall. But you can Plan a Tour To Murree in any season. It welcome its visitors through the year.
  • Mountain Ranges of all the Northern Areas are worth seeing, people come from the whole world for trekking Adventure Tours.
  • Pakistan is very diverse and rich in culture. Historical places in Hunza are worth seeing. Living patterns of all the Northern Areas are very amazing, which attract the tourists to learn more about the Local people and their culture,
  •  If you Plan a Tour to Northern Areas you should visit Shandur Lake and Attabad Lake, You ‘ll be mesmerized with the beauty of these natural Tourist Spots. There are a bunch more in the list that you can check in our Tour Packages.
  • Its has Lush Green Forsts, Worth seeing waterfalls, and much much relaxing environment. Every place is so beautiful that you can sit the whole day long and enjoy the scenery.
  • There are a lot of sports and cultural festivals held in these areas, shandur polo Festival and Kailash festival are the major tourists attractions



Are you stuck with your daily boring routine??? And really need a break and a day out with family or friends?? Or if you just got married, looking for a Honeymoon Tour Package and want to make this time memorable, Then, Yes! you are on the right place, we provide you the best Holiday Tour deals, Family Tours Packages as well as perfect Honeymoon Tour packages to the Most romantic Destination of Northern Areas of Pakistan. Which are affordable and very budget friendly. What are you waiting for? Choose some Tour Package which matches you interest and target destination from above given Family Tour packages and Honeymoon Tour Packages. You can make a call if you want some Custom Tour Package, We are available and would love to help you out for planning your Holiday Tour.

We have some popular Tour Destination Listed Below, You can check the details like specialty of the Tour destination, Famous and must visit spots of that particular holiday destination, Local culture and history, best places to stay, famous food points and events happening there.

Here we have the best Tours Packages:

Tour To Murree

Tour To Nathiagali

Patriyata Tour

Ayubia Tour

Bhurban Tour 

Naran Kaghan Tour

Tour To Shugran

Tour To the Lake Saif ul Muluk

Kalam Swat Tour

Chitral Kailash Festival Tour

Hunza Tour

Fairy meadows Tour

Attabad lake Tour

Shandur Peak Tour

Khunjrab pass Tour

Tour To Skardu

Tour To Deosai 

Azad Kashmir Tour

Tour To Neelum valley

Tour To Ratti Gali Lake

Trip To Banjosa

Ratti Gali Lake Trip

Toli Peer Tour


Tap on your favorite Tour destination and get to know more about that.



Our country is a land of Versatile beauty, we have a very rich culture which reflect its pure form in our Northern areas. Tourists from Pakistan and international Tourists attracts towards the natural beauty as well as the culture, history, art and events in areas like Harappa, Altit Baltit Forts of Hunza, Shandur polo festival, kailash festival etc. Also there are a lot of agricultural research centers where students visit on Educational Tours from all over Pakistan.

Tourists are also fond of adventures, Mountain trekking, sky diving, rock climbing and Horse riding etc. These are only in case if you are perfectly fit for this kind of adventures. Otherwise it could be a bit dangerous.

In short we can clearly define the categories like

Historical interest Tours

Cultural and art related Tours

Sports and Festival related Tours

Educational Tours

Adventure Tours

All these Tour Packages available for families, Couple Tours, and Educational Tours for different institutes. We also have options for time to time Group Tour plans.