Pakistan’s “Geo-Strategic Location”

The Geo- strategic location of Pakistan is very important for the region and it influences the region’s shape dynamically. The neighbor countries rely on Pakistan as they have direct or indirect influence from Pakistan. In fact Pakistan has borders with 4 countries, Iran, India, Afghanistan and China.

As China is a growing economy, due to large number of exports to Asian countries, they are investing in Pakistan in China Pakistan Economic Corridor. They have a huge interest in stability of Pakistan but India as rivalry is sitting in Afghanistan and Investing Billions to sabotage the country. They had huge influence on politics of Pakistan.

Unfortunately, Foreign policy of Pakistan has always lacked a framework and vision to recognize this strategically important structure. Instead of turning its strategic location as an asset, Pakistan has turned its location into a curse that even the foreign countries, the super powers, have exploited since the country’s inception. Pakistan Policy makers never focused on Countries interest in fact Pakistan was being ruined by the Super powers. As Pakistan went into Afghanistan War in the interest of America, otherwise Pakistan had nothing to do with Afghanistan. This time the government looked serious on the issues made by the external forces and they are conveying them massages that now on Pakistan will take its own decisions and every country is our Friend but friendship will be based on mutual interests.

Politics of Pakistan was also monitored by the other countries. Demands were being made before elections and the person suiting them were being elected; this was all happening in the politics Pakistan. Due to Geo- strategic position of Pakistan, China, India, Iran, US, Russia including some other countries had always interests in the economy and Politics of Pakistan, Media was being controlled by these countries, Politicians was being decided by these countries, even political parties were being controlled by these countries. Pakistan politics was lacking patriotic leader who would talk about the countries interest, because no country wants bad relations to Pakistan, so that relation would be in mutual interest. Even the super powers recognize that they cannot play their politics in the region without Pakistan. They used Pakistan in Afghanistan for their politics, as they have using India against Pakistan. Pakistan needs to review the relationship with neighbor countries and other super powers that always used Pakistan for their regional politics.

Economical and Political stability can play a vital role in bringing Pakistan back in a strong position and it will also overcome major regional issues, these problems are directly affecting Pakistan. Good relations with its neighbor countries are also very important. Presently Pakistan is busy on both eastern and western borders. That is why we need to build good working relationship at least, with our western border countries. Otherwise China Pakistan Economic Corridor and other mega projects will not benefit Pakistan. But this way we can positively use our Geo-strategic location and Due to Geographic location of Pakistan, it has the power to be an economical hub in coming 10 to 15 years.