Tour to Gilgit Hunza

Hunza is a Beautiful Mountainous valley in Gilgit-Baltistan, which is a Northern region of Pakistan. Hunza is located in the corner northern side of Gilgit Baltistan region. The Most famous town of Hunza is Karimabad, which is the capital of Hunza as well. The traditional and people of Hunza are famous for their friendly behavior and the Hospitality they provide to visitors. Most visitors visit Hunza in summers from May to October because in other months the famous Korakoram highway, road to Hunza is often covered with snow. Literacy rate of the people of Hunza is 90%.

Attabad Lake is the most famous place among the tourists who are planning to visit Gilgit Hunza. They confirm their visit to Attabad Lake before any other place but they do not know that other places in Hunza are very Beautiful as well.

Some of the Places which everyone should do visiting in Gilgit Hunza:

Morning Safari : Jeep to Duikar , early morning (Before Sunrise ) and witness the snowcapped mountains as sun rises from behind the snowcapped peaks, It would be your one of the best experiences, later have a breakfast in the wilds and return to the hotel in time for your other plans.

Visiting Khunjerab Pass: Start your tour to Khunjrab in the morning at 7 am. It is the most beautiful Road trip you can enjoy while reaching Babusar Top via Lulusar Lake.


Passu and Gulmit : If you have more days in Hunza after visiting Khunjerab pass you must visit Passu for views of the Karakorums in Passu and Gulmit. Walking in the Gulmit village and hike to Passu glacier would make your trip more beautiful and adventures. Mesmerising view of Passu cones and Beautiful lush green village will make your trip worthy.


Cherry Blossom Season at Hunza

Cherry Blossom Season at Hunza

Hunza valley is famous for its trekking. The second highest peak of the world K2, along many others, is located in this Gilgit-Baldistan region, where this beautiful valley is also located. There are plenty other trekking sites which tourists can visit as well.

There is a Market in Karimabad which is full of traditional food of Hunza. Some of the names of the traditional foods are Sharbat, diram-fete, davdo, muleda, and many others. These dishes are cooked with pure butter and downed them in oil, but are prepared on occasion as they are expensive. Another attraction in Karimabad is their precious Minerals and Gemstones. Many people visit Hunza for their famous minerals and gemstones but also because of the Hospitality people of Hunza provide to the visitors. People all over the world are encouraged to visit Hunza. It is the safe place and as per other country, visitors needs to dress modestly like women must cover their shoulders and knees and couples should avoid public displays of affection.


Night View of Hunza Valley

Night View of Hunza Valley

Best place for Foreigners and Oversees Pakistanis:   Gilgit Hunza is the best place for Foreigners to visit in summers because of the Fascinating view of Mountains covered with snow plus Beautiful natural view of lush green village. People of Gilgit Hunza are very generous and they welcome tourists with full hearts. Everything there is natural and